Monday, January 6, 2014

Burp Rags

The next Idea I got off of Pintrest was Burp Rags. (I pinned from SewinSanity) I did not use the chenille that was recommended. I went ahead and used the Gerber Cloth Diapers. I bought a half yard of three different flannels. With a half yard, I could make 3 from each print with a cloth Diaper. Since I only bought a 5 pack, I then used the left over flannel from the baprons and made a few burp rags that are back to back flannel. Easy Peasy! I put the fabric face down on the cloth diaper, sewed close to the edges, leaving a space to turn them inside out. Then I sewed two lines where the cloth diapers were sewn to keep the two fabrics together, then went around the outer edges. This keeps them sturdy. 

I found this idea at See Kate Sew that I will be using to package the burp rags in:

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