Monday, January 31, 2011

Velco Dolls for on-the-go

I made these paper doll sets for the little  girls across the street for Christmas. I got the idea from a project someone (i don't remember who) posted on the cricut community. She had used the Once Apon a Princess to make something similar. I had been trying to find a way to make these using magenit but then i saw her idea and went from there. I cut out the clothes and decorated them then laminated them using clear contact paper. Then put velcro on the back of all the outfits along with on the doll itself. Now they can change the clothes and hair and assecories while they are in the car or at the softball field while their dad plays ball on the weekends!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011



This was made as an ALL ABOUT ME page that I was challenged to create to go with my application for a staff position. I had never done a page like this before and had no idea where to start. I started out thinking about all the things that I like then decided that would make a page crowded and not flow well. Then I started to think about poems and lyrics that I love and that fit my personality. I came up with the song Imperfection by Saving Jane. She is one of my favorite singers and this has been my favorite song she has done. I use it as a ring tone on my phone as well as play it on my Ipod all the time (the lyrics I used from this song are posted below).
After I decided on the lyrics, then I had to get a picture. After all, I can't have an All About Me page without having a picture of myself. I don't have many pics of me since I'm the one normally taking the picture. I had my mom do a quick photo shoot (I turned my old room at her house into a makeshift photo studio to do portrait pics). She did a great job and I had a few pics that I printed. The photo I ended up using wasn't one that was suppose to be taken. She took it when I was laughing at the dog that wanted to be in all the shots.
Anyways, my favorite colors are black pink and red. I stuck with black and pink for the layout since red doesn't go well with these two colors. The patterned paper is from the TPC Studio Girlfriends collection. The Glittered card stock (which matches perfectly with the Girlfriends collection) is AC Cardstock Glitter Palettes in Raspberry . I didn't want to use just plain black paper so I went looking through the Niles Scrapbooking etc. (which is where all the paper came from) and found the Bazzill Metallic collection. I loved the metallic black!!! The hearts were cut using the Core'dinations Whitewash Collection in Corner Hatch.
The Title was cut from the Blackletter Cricut Cartridge. The hearts are cut from the Wall Decor and More cartridge.

Now that it is complete, I need to find a space in my house to hang it. I was told that I should do one of my husband with his favorite song lyrics and use blue instead of pink. If I can get him to do a photo shoot (he doesn't like his picture taken) I might have to do it!!!

Song Lyrics used:

My back is weak,
But my will is true.
Got good intentions
But I never follow through.
I say too much,
And don't know when to leave.
In case you're looking,
That's my heart there on my sleeve.
Ego trips and stupid slip ups,
I'm a mess but
This is what you get.
This is who I am.
Take me now or leave me
Any way you can.
Sometimes I trip and fall
But I know where I stand.
And if you're thinking about changing my direction,
Don't mess with imperfection.
Scratched and bruised,
A little used,
But baby I work fine.
You might call me
Damaged goods,
But I'm one of a kind.
My hair's a wreck,
No I'm not perfect
But I'm not the only one.
This is what you get.
This is who I am.
Take me now or leave me
Any way you can.
Sometimes I trip and fall
But I know where I stand.
And if you're thinking about changing my direction,
Don't mess with imperfection.
This is who I am.
-Song Lyrics by Saving Jane

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I FINALLY got to scrap this past weekend (and not at the house) for almost 11 hours!! Plus I got the dining room cleaned (well it was clean) and have all my scrapbooking stuff in there. So in the last few days I have gotten quite a few projects completed. And more to do!!

Before I post the new projects, I want to post this project that I made for Christmas presents. I made 10 of these. I'm not posting the recipe for these. However, if you want the details, please leave a comment or email me. These took quite awhile to make and put together, but they were worth it!!!

Awesome aren't they!?!?! Now, on to some new creativeness!

Cherry Blossoms
Ingredients:Pagoda Cartridge
1 Sheet Pink Paper
1 Sheet Brown Paper
1 Sheet Cream Paper
1 Bottle Stickles
Brown Ribbon
CTMH Kanji Phrases
CTMH Watermelon and Cocoa Ink
1 Cream Colored 5 ½ x 4 card
Sizzix Tim Burton Swirls

1. Cut: Brown Paper - 5x4 ½
Pink - 4 ¾ x 4 ¼
Cream - 4 ½ x 4
* If using the Shadow on the blossoms, flip Pink and Cream paper
2. Using the Cricut and Pagoda cartridge, cut at 1 ½ in - Branch One (page 46 of handbook) on Brown paper. Branch1-s (using shift key) on Pink. Put together
* Use cream paper to cut out shadow
3. Add stickles to the pink flowers. Let Dry
4. Cut cream paper at 2 ½ inches. Using an embossing machine, run the 2 ½ cream paper through with the swirls embossing folder.
*Use pink paper
5. Adhere Cream to the center, embossing towards top and non-embossed on bottom of Pink paper. Then adhere pink to the center of the brown paper.
6. Cut Ribbon at 6 inches. Adhere, centering across the cut line of cream paper. (I used double-sided duct tape from the plastic window kits) folding ribbon edges behind the brown paper.
7. Adhere branch to the embossed section of the cream paper.
8. Stamp Thank You from the CTMH Kanji Phrases using the watermelon ink pad.
* Use the cocoa ink pad if using shadow.
9. Adhere brown paper to front of card.

Merci I

Recipe:5 1/2 x 4 inch Red card
5 x 3 1/2 inch White card stock
5 1/4 x 3 3/4 inch Black card stock
Wall Decor and More Cricut Cartridge
     Eiffel Tower (pg 54) cut at 4 1/2 inches in Red
     Eiffel-s in Black
3/8 x 1 1/8 inch Black card stock
1 x 1 1/2 inch White card stock
Cranberry Ink from CTMH
Merci Stamp
Red Ribbon

1. Cut Eiffel Tower .Put together
2. Adhere 5 1/4 x 3 3/4 inch White card stock to the 5 1/2 x 4 inch Black card stock
3. Adhere ribbon to the bottom (about 1/4 to 1/2 inch from the bottom) wrapping around to the back of the card stock. Then adhere another piece of ribbon on an angle towards top of the page
4. Adhere Black card stock to card, centering
5. Adhere 1 x 1 1/2 inch White to the 3/8 x 1 1/8 inch Black card stock. Stamp Merci in the middle of the White. Adhere to the center of the ribbon
5. Use foam dots to adhere the Eiffel Tower to the center of the white card stock. Setting it just above the wording.

Merci II
Use recipe from Merci I. Change colors to Teal, Cream, and Black. Using the Eiffel Tower from the Summer in Paris cartridge. Using a Sizzix embossing machine, emboss the cream paper.

Recipe:8 x 5 1/2 inch Pick card stock, folded
Poodle cut from Create A Critter (cut at 2 inches)
1 x 5 1/2 inch strip of Pink Card Stock (embossed with Cuttlebug Dots embossing folder)
5 1/4 x 3 3/4 inch White Card stock
Ruffles cut from Just Because Cards (pg 46) at 5 1/2 inches in light pink
Granite Stickles
Scrappy Moms Amusing Animals stamp set
CTMH Black ink

1. Adhere White card stock to the front of the folded Pink card stock
2. Adhere Pink embossed card stock to just below middle of white card stock
3. Adhere Ruffles to the bottom of the embossed card stock
4. Put together Poodle. Using foam dots, adhere to the right side of the card, just above center
5. Stamp sentiment just below left top corner
6. Add stickles to the embossed dots, eyes and mouth of poodle, and the bottom of the ruffles. Let dry


I don't remember which font I used to cut the Words (even though I just made this on Saturday), however I used the Billionaire Cartridge to make the Vest and Tie. I used Bazzill Metallic in Navy Blue cut the vest and tie and to mat the pictures. It matched the suit vest in the pictures perfectly!

I'm gonna try to post at least twice a week. Whether its projects that I have made or ideas that I have found. so check back often for more. I promise they won't be this long!!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy New Years!

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years. Ours went MUCH better this year (no relatives in the hospital and my husband didn't break his leg again this year on Christmas Eve)
It's been alittle while since I've written on here. I haven't been able to work on any projects yet this year thanks to the great michigan weather. The last two weekends that I was packed up and ready to go scrapbooking, we have gotten too much snow to be able to leave.

I have been patiently waiting on my husband to finish my scrapbooking room in the basement. Since we bought the house in July, there have been a few other rooms that were more important to finsh and work on. But i'm getting impatient since it is winter and i'm stuck in the house alot. (I'm not a person who likes the cold weather).
I have been working on gathering my favorite layout ideas and card layouts and getting sketches of cards that i want to make. Along with lists of what I need to cut out on my cricut and with my Design Studio. I also have been putting page ideas together for an up-coming baby album that I will be making to send to much cousin. This will be my first no-picture album. It is definatley not an easy task to do without pictures. Especially since I'm not a mom. I did a 8x8 "My first year" Album for my nephew but I have all the pictures for that album.
I am excited about going to my first Scrapbooking Retreat in February!! That is why i'm trying to get my layouts for the baby album ready. I don't want to run out of things to do at the crop (like my friends will let me, they are always giving me ideas on things to create).

Also, I'm excited to try some of the new products I got for Christmas. My wonderful husband gave my scrap-mom money and had her fill my stocking!!! She put alot of new Tim Holtz products including some adirondack alcohol inks that i'm ready to try using!

Since I don't have any new projects to add right now (a few will be coming later this week), i'm posting some home decor/ cricuting that I have used while decorating our new home. The wording was made from white vinyl. The Butterfly and Kanji stencils were made by cutting out contact paper (much cheaper stencils then vinyl and they worh just the same).

Butterfly How-to:
Since the Butterflies are done in pink and I used brown as my border color. This is done backwards from normal stenciling.
1. Tape off your border area.
2. Roll on a coat of the lightest color (in my case pink). Let dry.
3. Stick stencils where you want them. (USE THE ACTUAL CUTOUT IMAGE)
4. Roll on a coat of your main color to cover all your boarder area. Let dry. Add extra coat if needed.
5. Remove taped edges and stencils.
*** My bathroom is not a smooth surface so the edges were not crisp and clean. Use a small paint brush to make the edges crisper or leave for a different effect. Non-Smooth areas are not easy to do but is possible with extra time and care.

Here are a few pictures of the other rooms that I have gotten painted. The Playroom will eventually have a Giraffe and Tree when my mother has a chance to draw it out and paint it (she's the drawer in the family not me.) I love the colors I have choosen. NO WHITE WALLS is my theme =) The next room is the Kitchen which will be done in the spring I don't like the Red/Green PLAID wallpaper but it was liveable when we moved in. Keep checking back for more updated rooms as we keep working on the house scrapbooking room should be the next pictures posted....hopefully before next winter. Just gotta get my husband back to work fulltime to have the extra money to get it done. Little by little its getting there.