Monday, January 6, 2014

Snowed-In Projects!

Since I am Snowed in today (and have been all weekend), I decided I would write about the projects I’ve been working on. Of course, Saturday I ran out of material! Oops. Anyways, most of the projects I’ve been working on are for my cousin who is due with her first child in May. I found some really cute material at Joann Fabric to work with and cannot wait for the weather to lift so I can go back and get more fabric!


If you’re anything like me, you LOVE Pintrest for ideas. When I went to look for fabric for a couple of projects, I found some really cute ones that I just had to buy! Thankfully I have an awesome crafty friend that had a Bapron Pattern she had used a few months ago. (you can buy the pattern from Craftiness is not Optional). The pattern itself didn't call for any vinyl or wipe-able material, so I added a layer of Vinyl Fuse. It’s a Flexible Iron-On Vinyl Protection that can be bought at Joann's, On-line or any craft store. It was really easy to use and will keep the fabric clean with all the spills and messes that come with bibs. I lined the back with flannel and used a package of double folded bias tape. 
 Fits 6 months to 3T. 

Here is a 2 year old modeling one.

Burp Rags

The next Idea I got off of Pintrest was Burp Rags. (I pinned from SewinSanity) I did not use the chenille that was recommended. I went ahead and used the Gerber Cloth Diapers. I bought a half yard of three different flannels. With a half yard, I could make 3 from each print with a cloth Diaper. Since I only bought a 5 pack, I then used the left over flannel from the baprons and made a few burp rags that are back to back flannel. Easy Peasy! I put the fabric face down on the cloth diaper, sewed close to the edges, leaving a space to turn them inside out. Then I sewed two lines where the cloth diapers were sewn to keep the two fabrics together, then went around the outer edges. This keeps them sturdy. 

I found this idea at See Kate Sew that I will be using to package the burp rags in:

Camera Strap

I really hate the strap on my camera. So I decided to make a new one. The Cwafty Blog had a tutorial that looked simple enough and pretty much was. I opted to use Duck Canvas for my backing and ends instead of leather. Since I don’t wear my camera around my neck, I’m not worried about the canvas backing. My next one I will be using a micro suede fabric and leather for the ends. I also used Darice Big Clasps to attach the strap to the camera. They give me more security that the strap will stay on my camera. 

Car Seat Cover

I saw this fabric at Joanns and had to get a yard of it! I wasn’t sure what I was going to make with it, but I knew I had to get it. After doing some Pintrest searching, I came across Cluck Cluck Sew’s Car Seat Cover / Greeter Deterrent.  
This is the finished product of Cluck Cluck Sew's Car Seat Cover 
I figured this would be perfect to make. I didn’t have to cut the fabric and ruin the design. Since my cousin doesn’t know what kind a car seat she is going with yet (and I don’t have a carseat to test this on), I did not put the handles on. I will let her add them where she would like them and wherever works best for the car seat she gets.

Pacifier Clip

I found this idea when looking through Pintrest. Since it was from an Etsy Store, Baby Boutique Gallery and not a blog or with instructions, I had to figure it out myself. This turns into a toddler bracelet, necklace, and hair clip with a pacifier is no longer needed or used.

Supplies Needed:
  •     Pearls (I bought a bag of cheap pearls that are light weight, I thought about the more expensive               ones, but thought they might be too heavy for a baby.
  •  Crystal Beads (I used Swarovski Elements, 6mm Rondelle)
  •  2 Lobster Claws, small (I used silver but you can use whichever color you would like)
  •  3 Jump Rings (I used silver but you can use whichever color you would like)
  •  5 Crimp Beads
  •   1 Any Clip that can be used to clip onto a onsie and to Hair. It should have a small hole to be able         to clip the Lobster Claw to it. (I used an alligator clip and attached a jump ring to it)
  •  1 Decorative Flower or Hair Piece.
  •  .3mm coated beading wire
  •  Pacifier with a security handle, Clear (I prefer Philips AVENT Translucent Pacifiers)


1. Cut enough wire for a small bracelet (7-8 inches), string a jump ring then a crimp bead.
2. Pull the wire end back through the crimp ring and crimp.
3. String 30 pearls, crimp bead, and lobster claw.
4. Pull Wire back through the crimp bead and crimp.
This makes your bracelet and the part that will go through the security handle on the pacifier. I did not have a handled pacifier for the pictures.

  1.          Cut a 15-16 inch piece of wire, string a jump ring then a crimp bead.
  2.      Pull the wire end back through the crimp ring and crimp.
  3.          String 10 pearls, 1 crystal, 10 pearls, (repeat until you have 60 pearls) crimp bead, and lobster claw.
  4.      Pull Wire back through the crimp bead and crimp.

This makes your necklace and the leash that connects the pacifier to flower. I did not have a handled pacifier for the pictures.

      Glue a clip onto the back of your flower.

Put it all together:

To attach the bracelet to necklace, make the circle with the bracelet, connect the jump ring end of the necklace to the lobster claw and jump ring connection on the bracelet. Then, attach the lobster claw from the necklace to the clip. 

Tag Blanket

  I am making a minky blanket (I’ll post it when I have it finished, I am having a little trouble with the satin edging though). Anyways, I had enough material left, and some bright pink from the car seat cover, that I bought some ribbon (half off at Hobby Lobby, how could I pass that up!) and made a tag blanket to go with the minky blanket. I did wing this, however you can find a similar one with a tutorial at LeafyTreetop Spot

Zipper Pouch

I had some fabric left over so I decided to try to figure out zippers and make a small zipper pouch. I bought a 7inch zipper and winged the measurements. I used Vanilla Joy’s Tutorial on 20 minute Zip Pouches. My pouches turned out cute, however, I would recommend reading Sew Delicious’s “Trouble with Zippers” before creating these. It helps keep your zipper edges clean. I wish I had seen it and read it prior to making mine. OH Well, at least I have it for next time