Tuesday, April 3, 2012

She's About to POP! Baby Shower

One of my favorite cousin's is expecting at the end of April. I don't normally get excited about others being pregnant because of all the issues we've gone through with trying to have a baby. However, I am super excited about Jess!! 

Since her and her husband are not finding out what they are having, and hadn't decided on a theme for the nursery before we started planning the baby shower, I searched on Pinterest (AWESOME Site!) and found http://scissorsandspatulas.com/2011/04/shes-ready-to-pop.html. I also emailed a few other links to Jess and let her see what she liked. I'm not sure if she liked the Popcorn theme or just the popcorn mix better! So this is what I came up with:

Needed: Cartridges: Carnival, George (or other shape cart), Everyday Pop-Up Cards
Design Studio, Gypsy, or Craft Room software

I used the Design Studio software to weld the popcorn box from Carnival (then manually cut off the popcorn top) I also welded together the popcorn top and a Rounded Rectangle (from George) that would fit inside the  popcorn box. (I used an off white paper then used ink to create the buttered popcorn look)
I then folded glued the right and left edges of the box. For the outside, I cut out red part of the box, The pregnant shadow from Everyday Pop-Up Cards, and an oval from George. Glued everything down (I pop-dotted the silhouette) , and Wah-lah! The cards are done!

Here are the decorations and gifts using the same cuts. 

Everyone got a bag of microwavable popcorn to take home

Boxes filled with popcorn and M&Ms

Diaper Cakes for the Food Table and the Punch Table
The popcorn kernels are from the Slumber Party Cartridge

I thought everything turned out great! This is probably my favorite shower I've put together so far!

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