Monday, February 14, 2011

My NEW creative space!

Since it was taking TOO long to get the basement finished (someday it will be), I decided to move where I wanted my craft space to be. We had turned the spare room into a nursery/playroom when we moved in. Hoping to start a family. Since that can't happen anytime soon (maybe adoption in the future) i decided to turn the room into my space! The bright colors are great inspiratin for fun layouts and cute cards!! Check out the room pictures below.

Sorry it has been awhile since i last blogged. I've been working on the room and getting ready for my first scrapbooking retreat!!! I will be making a first year album for my cousin. This will also be a first. A whole book without any pictures. I have been listing the pages to make along with the wording and cricuting that I will be adding to the pages. Even though I don't have any projects to show right now, I have been staying creative (look at the cabinet for my new space, which can always be used for a child later on if need be).

My Printing corner. I have my Cricut (covered with fabric that matches the curtains and has giraffes on it too) on its own table with storage for all my carts and mats. Plus my photo printer and regular printer.

My working space expands 8 feet!!! I used scrapping mommy's idea for the wall. I hung photo wire on the wall then added clips to it so that I can hang my projects on the walls to use for decorations until I want to put then in their albums or send them out! I also strung up led rope lights that i had found the day after Christmas to frame my project wall.

My husband's friend was getting rid of this bathroom cabinet and he decided to bring it home for me to use. It was originally meant to be used over a changing table, however I will be able to store all my goodies it in. Stickles, cards, embellishments, etc. During the blizzrds here, i got to paint it. Since I have my giraffes in my new space, I wanted to put giraffes on the cabinet (can't have anything just white and boring) Now it just needs to be hung...maybe my husband can do that while I'm away next weekend =)

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  1. Thanks so much for posting your project on my Challenge! I just love the cabinet - super job!
    Make sure you become a follower and post a comment telling us your favorite cartridge - Thanks again!

    Patti Ross